About the Studio


Situated on the renowned Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island, Woodsmiths Studio is where you can find master craftsman Bob and his team crafting their unique creations daily on-site. Thousands of people visit the studio each year, browsing creations that make an ideal gift, showpiece or centerpiece for any home.

The studio itself houses a kiln where local woods are dried for an extensive period prior to landing on the shelves for purchase.  Each product you view has been designed, created and cut, planed, sanded and finished to perfection. 

About Bob Evans

The son of James Stanley Evans – a master cabinetmaker – Robert Evans began his training at a very young age. By his mid-thirties he had gained considerable experience in construction, interior finish, cabinetmaking, and furniture manufacturing and design. In 1983 he was appointed an instructor of technical education, a position that he occupied for some 17 years. Many of the unique products created at Woodsmiths were designed, tested, enhanced, and refined during this period of learning, skill development, and experimentation.

Bob’s many years of woodworking and technical experience have enabled him to hone his craft so well that he now has the freedom to focus on the creative aspects of woodworking, designing creations that are unique both in style and function.